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UFOs: a system of governmental covert manipulation, surveillance and abuse of civilians and a militaristic covert system of sexual and genetic abuse.


....."It was this division, which focuses particularly on Parliament and the public, that was responsible for UFOs, whatever that term specifically meant in civil service-speak,...."

Quoted from Open Skies, Closed Minds by Nick Pope, p.35


An ancient Theban prayer to the Moon Deity :-

O Khonsu, Of bright appearances,

Mighty One of healing,

Thee do I invoke to be with me now,

Thee who banishes all ills,

Thee who conquers sickness and afflictions,

Thee who banishes strife and woe,

O Khonsu, Traverser of Centuries,

Beloved by millions,

Bright One in Thy shrine,

Cast open Thy doors before me,

Illumine my soul with Thy Light, reach deep into my spirit and heal all my afflictions.

O Khonsu, only You can banish into eternity the ills that are upon my soulo, make me sound of body, clear of mind, pure of soul and bright in my spirit's appearance.

O Khonsu, who comes at the call of those who are sincere, as I am now.

I am humble before thee and acknowledge Thy Majesty and seek to be with Thee and a part of Thee.

O Khonsu, bless me with thy gift of healing so I too, may heal the sick of body, of soul, of spirit.

Lift me up, O God of Light, smile upon my countenance and bless me with Thy breath of Health that I too, may know Thee, know Thy grace, know Thy ways.

O Khonsu, hear me, I beseech Thee, for I come to Thee and make supplication at Thy feet, Thy shrine, and I praise Thee in my heart forever.

Hail to Thee, O Glorious Healer.

Anetch Hra-ku Khonsu Heh!


The Sirius Connection by Murry Hope

Science, Symbology and Healing, P. 183

Warning, this field is dominated by really foul men, with really superior tech.

I'd like as much as anyone to believe it is aliens, but unfortunately it is too secretive, too unpleasant, and since microchips, microwaves and satellites too uncertain.

Rape, peadophilia, murder and incest are verboten in the world's cultures.  There is a very good reason why they are not allowed.  They are the systems which enable patriarchy to continue, men fearing bigger men, and women fearing all men.  Whilst we maintain a system whereby only men are considered important, and where women are denigrated, insulted, hated, excluded and abused, we are maintaining the fears which keeps us bound in despair, horror and suffering.

Although we are ruled by a white Queen (in a Kingdom?) the structure of society seems at  present to be in this order : white men, men of any colour, women of any colour, white women.

 No one is insulted, humiliated, laughed at, exploited for capitalist purposes and silenced more than white women in this country, in my opinion.  No one has to work harder in every area of image, skills, social interaction, and presentation with the highest standards to meet.  Many don't meet this standard and survive anyway, but the cultural expectation is still there in the media and society.  One only has to look at the leaders of Europe to see this, and the prevalence of multiple products aimed at the white female consumer.

The reason that this is important to mention is that - whilst Spirits, Demons, Gods and

Devils have been present in all cultures globally throughout history, despite our rational

mistrust in the West of superstition, and the level of understanding of such matters in the East - ufology might be a secret means to perpetuate these taboos.  Mind control is

something one should excercise upon oneself  to learn and to develop, if it is being imposed by a group of one gender upon all other members of society then this could be harmful.

Reasons for this might be that this group thinks, though centuries of filtered and bias

information that it's wisdom and 'nurturing' is for the best, but look at the world around

us.  The most violent nation drops bombs whilst punishing those who think differently, and other nations are deprived of food and water.  Meanwhile the neglect of the health of this planet is obvious, whilst dreams of other worlds are fostered as if we could ever create another world as beautiful, healing, nourishing and rich as this one out of the dusty balls of dirt that hang nearest to us in space - probably destroyed by destructive humans before us.  Reality may be that the Moon and Mars are being mined for

capitalist purposes, or reality might be that the space exploration they brag of is untrue,

giving them merely an excuse to evade our laws by operating outside of our national

parameters, for "scientific" experimentation or merely to temporarily escape the mess that this planet has become, leaving space junk as they go.

Why should some people scrabble in the mud and die slowly in agony, whilst others live in undreamt of luxury comanding huge resources for trivial purposes which serve the very few?

If aliens exist, they might have a hive mentality, a group mind, and linked telepathy is quite a jump - where each individual's thoughts are the responsibility and purpose of the many, it is a self policing and collectively unifying position, individually experienced, we are moving towards it with global media as the waves of information intersect and spread.  Perhaps the Gods/Aliens/Spirits are moving as quickly as they can away from such noisy pollution and violent nightmarish horror pumped out in "movies" as we willfully self destruct, or perhaps they are reaching into the concoction of overloaded information and dangerous chemical interactions and calling for us to wake up.

Moods alter perceptions but fears sometimes have to be stated in order to prevent more harm.  Deception and conspiracy have been used to cause  much more harm than honesty would have done.

That is why we are forced to live in a world where some continents have too much and others too little, and where some people's lives are spoilt more than others.  They even give birth to children for that purpose - Rosemary's Baby and all the horror films, show that this leads to a increase in violence.  Sometimes I think that america's bad conscience due to over consumption leads to their visions of small grey children with big heads and frail frames, possibly the ghosts of all the african and asian children who had starved to death before the age of five.


The ultimate violence of nuclear and atomic weaponry used too frequently in tests in Nevada etc have probably done much more harm than we know.

The 'Alien Autopsy' (a disgusting film) has created the perception of 'aliens' as prone, damaged, reclining, naked objects (necrophillia, which means the abuse of those less threatening to the very ill men who should never be allowed to do such things). It's created a series of copies and contributed to the fetishization of the 'model alien' as being bedridden, small and harmed - I don't think that is the way that healthy people want to view aliens, I think it smacks of something else.  


And they made up rumours of aliens to cover the Nazi built (with slaves) advanced technology.  This electro magnetic machinery using light and sound waves, is extremely damaging to bodies (nonlethal abuse sonics/microwaves, which shake apart or heat the internal organs) and are untraceable.

The men (for that is what 'they' are) use every trick they can: false reports; projections; lies and persuasion and neglect, in order to enable their manipulation and sinister plots.

They bribe and they threaten and they control the authorities who will not take the reports seriously and scare normal people away with the fear of  isolation in the lunatic margins.

They tamper with your memory and your perceptions and they do this to disempower you and empower themselves to maintain the system which is abusive and gender bigoted.  As in the films Dark City and Gattaca.



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