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Blue Book 2 Art by Tab Goode

1990  Self Portrait

Pain Bears Sorrows Down

As The Clouds Pass By

It Breaks My Back

On The Smooth Flow

I Fall,  I Tremble

In Despair

I Wish That I Were Dead

Am I Of Such Mediocrity

And Of Such Boredom Bred

Every Breath Of Mine

You Had

Every Thought

And All My Time

Why Was I Unrewarded

And Victory Not MIne

Pain bears sorrows down,

as the clouds pass by,

it breaks my back on the smooth flow

I fall, I tremble, in despair

I wish that I were dead

Am I of such mediocrity

And of such boredom bred

Every breath of mine you had,

Every thought, and all my time

Why was I undervalued

And victory, not mine

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