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Daniken, (Erich Von) – home of the Archeology, Astronautics and SETI Research Association or  Since writing Chariot of the Gods published in 1970, Daniken has continued to prove himself a superlative researcher and theoretician.  He has received enormous criticism for daring to go beyond conservative religious dogma and excelled at justifying his thesis in The Gods Were Astronauts: Evidence of the True Identities of the Old ‘Gods’ (2001).  He looked at ancient symbolism from Global cultures and explored mysteries with a fresh persepective with the aid of technology.  Information technology (IT).  “If the phenomenon of  (God), however, has decided to transform into matter for a short while, then IT is itself Creation and simultaneously the product of its creation.  Just like those computer bits, we too will find ourselves again in a unification…back to the infinite cosmological community…all the parts of the mighty IT for which religions have employed the term God…the grandiose Spirit of the Universe” (p. 64-5).  Once you are inspired to perceive connections, they just keep growing.


Darwin – The [Isaac] “Newton of biology” Charles Robert Darwin produced On the Origin of the Species (1859) and The Descent of Man (1871). A jumping off point, but I say: forget it Charles, afterall monkeys didn’t evolve did they. Something triggered our genetics.  However, his theories were useful in pulling us away from a dependance on Christianity and moving humanity towards a scientific outlook where we considered our origins.  The clue was the inability to discover the “missing link” connecting humans to primitive apes, although attempts have been made to explain it by natural selection, there is a leap of difference which cannot be explained naturally.  Also there is such intricate design in everything, that a creator or architect is apparent in the construction of the world, (call it Star Trek “terraforming” if you will) the excuse of haphazard accidental evolution from primordial ooze is not plausable once we discovered advanced mathematics and fractals and chaos theory.


Day the Earth Stood Still (1951) I won’t mention all the films with an ET theme (Hollywood Vs. the Aliens: the Motion Picture Industry’s Participation in UFO Disinformation, Bruce Rux, 1997, does this extremely well) but this is probably a cinematic precognition of the reaction of UFOs to nuclear threat or else a referrence to Roswell?  The hydrogen bomb was invented in 1952 possibly sparking the ‘Saucers over the White House’ event when radars picked up ufos in restricted airspace, moving up to speeds of 7,000 mph “for two consecutive weekends [July 19 & 20 – 26 & 27]...a substantial threat of unknown dimensions.  As a result, national security measures were taken to push UFOs deeper under cover” (UFOs and the National Security State: Chronology of a Cover-up 1941-1973, (2002) Richard M. Dolan p.97).  So when people say “I won’t believe in ufos 'til they land on the White House lawn” you begin to see how the disinformation program has worked.  In the film a cool space brother called Klaatu (a normal human in appearance shown here on the left) and his Galactic Peace Keeper robot protector Gort (the tall one) land and try to offer a universal communications device to the American military who fire on them instead of taking the chance that they might be friendly. Gort vaporizes a few guns and tanks very impressively in defence.  After a deliberate power outage by the aliens to show the humans who is in control, and the heroine of the movie saves Klaatu by telling the robot "Gort! Klaatu necto berrada" who then brings Klaatu back to life in a saviour ressurection scene, the film concludes with the warning from Klaatu “Your choice is simple: join us, and live in peace, or pursue your present course and face obliteration.  We shall be waiting for your answer.  The decision rests with you.” (Rux (1997) p. 182).  I would advise you to read Jim Marrs Alien Agenda at this juncture, highly recommended for a history of technological covert development leading from German Nazi (National Socialist) scientists to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) which Werner von Braun headed  after WWII although he did have a superior: Luftwaffe Major General Walter Dornberger (Marrs (1997)  p.102).  It does make you wonder who won the war, and whether we are still fighting it, or still riding roughshod over the disenfranchised and building our advancements over the bodies of slave workers.  In the film the ufonauts cause a power cut to prove their strength and authority and in genuine ufo events power outages are a feature, with cars stalled and power systems and alarms fluctuating.  September 1979 – Great Chinese Blackout with ufo sightings. November 1965 – Great North-East Blackout over 80,000 miles of US territory with fireballs and ufos seen.  The official verdict “was that vast amounts of electricity had been ‘lost’” (Spencer (1991) p. 167-8).  It has all the features of classic ufology: alien as humanbeing; superior robot technology and seamless flying saucer; military confrontation; transformational interaction with enlightened knowledge; and warning about the need for humans to be peaceful or face dire consequences from above.


Deane – Ashayana (formerly Anna Hayes) author of Voyagers: the Sleeping Abductees (2001).  Initially I found this book un- or in-credible, as I was trying to read it in the wrong space and time (and in the wrong way, linearly) jumping into it when it called to me, I found it excellent and nourishing.  It is packed with information, a written format of what would be so quick to understand as a digital game. It professes to be training from the Eieyani Priests of Ur (Sumer) translations from the Emerald Covenant and Cloister-Dora-Teura Plates or CDT-Plates, 12 Pre-Atlantian Holographic Disc Records from 246,000 BC.    She says “The groups bringing harm to humans are guilty of the crime of ignorance.  They do not believe non-invasive methods of interspecies cooperation exist.  They have often observed that humans quite often cannot treat even those of their own kind with compassion, understaning and tolerance” (Deane (2001) p. 48) For example we murder each other in wars, tolerate homelessness, poverty, and thousands dying of starvation and dehydration, and eating animals and vivisection.  So why should they not abduct us or force us to comply with their will? “If humans are able to fulfill their evolutionary blueprint, the Earth and many other reality fields will no longer be free for exploitation.  They will become protected by a species equal in power and greater in knowledge than those who wish to misuse these realities.  It is from this interdimensional conflict that your concepts of “good vs. evil” and “God vs. devil” emerge.  One group of advanced beings wish to see humans evolve into wholeness, equality and co-creatorship, while another group of beings desires to stunt the evolution of humanity so it can continue to utilize its resources for self serving purposes.  The latter group has come to represent the dark or evil forces within the collective human unconscious, while the former has emerged into your mythologies of the gods.” (Deane (2001) p. 42).


Debunkers/disinformationalists – stay away from these, they either can’t handle the computational skills of new information and complex theories which break and transform and replace old paradigms, or else they are in the pay or influence of cynical controlling powers and forces.  You can’t win an argument with them as they won’t understand, or won’t hear you – so, best avoided. They are, what Stanton Friedman has adequately described as – ‘nasty negativists’.


Defense Support Program (DSP) – A series of surveillance satellites, their sensor platforms detect missile launches and also have tracked thousands of what they term ‘Fastwalkers’ meaning unidentified craft – ufos – because they produce “a source of electromagnetic radiation moving at a high speed in the outer layers of the atmosphere which triggers the sensors of spy satellites” (Birnes (2004) p. 128)


Department of Defense & Defense Intelligence Agency – DoD (Pentagon) is the civilian command centre for the American Military, protecting U.S. security interests globally, utilizing many agencies inlcuding the DIA founded in 1961, which is the repository for ufo reports from foreign intelligence agencies.  DIA spooks (spies) work on behalf of the military and you may find yourself under their technological surveillance (though I doubt you’d ever be able to prove it, afterall who would you tell?). The net is useful for disseminating information but will either be discredited or disrupted, I’m sure these people have their own private net systems anyway.


DIGAP – Direct Action Group into Aerial Phenomena. “Formed in 1955, this is one of the oldest UFO associations in the world.” (Randles (MIB, 1997) p. 13)


Discovery Program – NASA missions: Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous; Mars Pathfinder; Lunar Prospector; Stardust, to name just four of these three year probes.  Also a collection of tv channels bringing science, nature, history and flight (wings) innovations and accomplishments into the public arena. Very good and frequent ufological info.


Drake Equation – much vaunted theorem used both to prove and disprove possibility of life elsewhere since the Green Bank Conference 1961.  Frank’s equation look’s like this: N = R* x fp x ne x fl x fi x fc x L (N = present number of ET races able to communicate interstella distances. R* = mean rate of star formation, averaged out over Galaxial lifetime. Fp = fraction of stars that have planets. Ne = average number of planets in a planetary system suitable for life. fl = fraction of suitable [?] planets on which life develops. fi = fraction of life-bearing planets on which intelligent life develops. fc = fraction of intelligence-bearing planets on which capacity for interstellar communication develops. L = average lifetime of a technological civilization). For a detailed look at this see The Extraterrestrial Encyclopedia: An Alphabetical Reference to All Life in the Universe (2000) David Darling, PhD, p.109-113.


Dreamland – Area 51, Nevada dry salt lake undergound facility, Groom Lake, also known as S-4.  Bob Lazar is a former employee of LockHeed Martin’s Advanced Development Projects division (also known as Skunk Works because they make very strong canabis there (not really) that needed saying, maybe they do!) and Los Alamos National Laboratory who says that down here is a sophisticated reverse or back-engineering project utilizing ET tech. After seeing “autopsy reports as well as black and white photos of alien bodies (the typical ‘greys’, with large, hairless heads)” on his first visit to S-4 “Lazar believes that he was gradually being prepared for…experience with an extraterrestrial spacecraft…during his second visit to S-4…‘It was definitely extraterrestrial.  I don’t know the exact history of them, but they’re certainly alien craft, produced by an alien intelligence with alien materials.  We were trying to see if we could duplicate what was there, with earthbound material and technology.  You start with a finished product and you try and find out how it was built.’ (Timothy Good, Alien Liaison (1991) p 153-5).





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