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What if men are gay and astrally abusing.


Masons, Military, Governmentia are men only for a reason, cos they fancy each other behind their wives backs, and because they hold a secret too terrible to let out.  - ["We're peadophiles" says my computer, or rather the lying bitchy men on it who I can't get rid of because they are 'technologically superior' and aiming at a mind melding cloud you can't escape from which will erase your sim or credit card at a blink.]


I hate how you shitters force women to suffer for your pleasure and I hate how you don't realise you're ill.


They want to kill you and they have all along.  'Luke, i am you're father'.


It's not just children it's vulnerable people like prisoners and the ill.  Because these men in power with liberty on their side can't face how ugly and stupid they really are.


That's why you force women to try harder and be prettier all the time, cos you can't face the sight of yourself in the mirror.  And it is a form of abuse, to fetishize the underdog.


underbitch, underdog.  It is a war of the sexes.  


Men in black are  police.


ufologists are perpetrating the hatred they seek.


We are trapped in a police state or increasingly terrifiying powers.


You send the abuser to me and others, and we take them in as lovers and house and feed them, cos we are deluded like all women into thinking that men like us, when they blatantly do not.  Given half the chance they would rather be rolling in mud in a field with a dozen other men.


Oh you say you fancy me?  have my keys, my love my future and my home, we say.


That is the nature of crap patriarchy, and we have been put in a cell already, isolation chamber with no hope of parole, no work, no friends, no future - only slavery, rivalry and the dread of apocalyptic destruction on a massive scale or slow zombified entrapment in a decaying, over populated, poisoned society full of lies.


You ring 999 nothing happens.  Your neighbour is in trouble and they won't tell you anything when the ambulance arrives and the firebrigade parks nearby.


There is no one to complain to, I was just trying to reawaken your sympathy nodes on the way to my death or protracted suffering.


I have told the authorities over and over again.  But we are slaves to our computerized light box spying machines and have no means of communication that is not corrupt, connected and basically destroyed at root by corrupt and evil systems.


The surface of moneymad consumerism, the bugged phones, the landline that goes straight to the system, and the computer with your dad and his porn ring on it.


It is one long silent scream.


The Bodysnatchers and all the horror films.


The authorities speak to you through the air conditioning system, the air and the aether, through bugs in your head, through the screens in your home which feed you lies.  


I guess when prisoners knock on the pipes they are not to know who they are talking to.  Perhaps the mad people who hear voices do not know they are doing the police's job for them when they push people under the train.


We've all  been  rape victims since we bought the lie of 'a civilised society', under threat of death by liars who are happy to see you suffer as long as you are poor.


Why haven't i been helped, regressed, supported?  Cos i have no story they do not know, having written the script themselves and they do not like me enough to be excited by the thought of me lying down and telling them - while dosing in hypnotic trance so called - my worst fears.


Prisoners, thousands and millions of them in council flats and prisons, being raped invisibly by the very people who we hold in authority over us.  You are warned when you go into prison that you will be 'had up the bum' by the bullies, but they do not tell you that they are men, the men who are the prison guards, and that the torture will be invisible.  If prisons are hell, where is the heaven in our society?  Is it those sundays spent lazily, a brief respite in a fast paced rat race.


This is a nightmare.  It is the hell of security which only entraps.  It is the hell of fear let loose by someone with no hope.  You think you are talking to a Samaritan, but actually they maybe intercepted calls, by people who are  not there to help you but to get off on your pain.  'Where are you going to go?' They asked me when I was emotionally dying on the floor after being stitched up and betrayed.  Of course they went off to think about it and came up with a solution.  Either they mind controlled my family or else they knowingly destroyed my life even more, thinking I was getting a new life, I found myself in domestic slavery with less rights than a dog, having been pursued by what I took to be the devil himself, but was just men with tech.


Your neighbours are mind controlled.  They are police pawns.  WE all report on each other, the Brave New World, 1984.  We are raped by them invisibly and we think it is angels.  NO? That Polo car advert would look different to you if those fat out of work half naked men with wings, who turn invisible and sit on your car to 'protect it' actually were rapists and hurt your children without you knowing.  They use doublespeak and thought police.


There are no 'extraterrestrials' only astral travellers and I don't want to tell you this for fear of making this hell more real.  It sure as hell won't do me any favours or make me attractive, it won't solve my problems or prevent it happening to you, though I wish it would.  Reality is up to you until you test it.  You find out when you go on demos just how hard the police push back. Then it is a hard wake up call into hell.  Escape into drugs or alcohol to forget the pain but in your nightmares reality reaches in and takes you to prison.  The Germans call the Town Hall a rat house for a reason, cos they are trapped in a maze.


If you are rich enough you can buy your way out.  The men fight like dogs over scraps and their gay love is violent and sordid and pointless and cruel.


I was treated badly from the start.  I was not helped and the lies of the idiots to cover their tracks were so full of crap no one bothered to mention it to me.  One glance is all it takes in this 'sophisticated culture', this mess that we impose on those who are trying to live in their own cultures, which are probably worse.  West versus East, the North -South divide.


All global patriarchies are corrupt and if you search your mind big man you will find that some man in your past hurt you and sexually humiliated you, but men are not supposed to cry.   So you got harder, emotionally and physically and desensitized your mind to the pain others go through.  Your sympathy circuit burnt out.  You bullied others to feel better, and there were secrets which you treasured to keep or promote your place in the pecking order.  Look how badly we treat chickens, pigs, cows and sheep.


'We were human and now we are machines'.  Who told me that?  The council, the police, the government?  They are all masons, and levels above that, into the military and legal structures and into the media and news systems.


There is no reward for women.  If you are 'liberated' they will make you work so that you can buy the makeup to conceal your face and cover it with shit to make him not see you.  You can then afford to buy your own bondage and if you are lucky he will abuse you.  If you are unlucky he will abuse your children.  The children confused will turn to him for help, as men are the 'authority' in every film, every news story, every walk of life, armies of men in the police, government, military and legal system and most of all in the media.  Boybands.  More boybands.  More boybands.  Nothing else. And women so thin, so stupid, so concerned with how they look, as otherwise they will not be let into any area of importance, talking inanities in high pitched voices trying to be the children he obsesses over whilst he pretends the opposite by drinking in men only environments and keeping the eye candy decorative with lies.


I was ostracized all along.  Too tall, too clever, too pretty, too stupid, too ugly, too noisy, too quiet, too keen, too lazy, too helpful, too selfish, too thin, too fat, too short.  Whatever. Whatever.  Is all you are able to say at the end.  Am I bovered?


Thing is then people think you want a maternal society. But you know what?  Women are worse.  They are sharp and they are bitchy, they steal your lover and they murder your kids.  The nurse will poison you and the sister will stab you in the back without evern noticing.  But yes, it would make a change for women to be in power and for women to be taken seriously by themselves.


Women are cruel cos they are fed up with your nonsense and they blame themselves.  You push too far, good cop bad cop, and then there is nursy with the syringe and the rubber gloves, and all those millions of people swallowing poison to make them 'better'.


Women police officers are the cruelist of the lot, because they know.  And to survive they identify with men.  So they choose a male job.  And the ones that get in are either hard as nails or petite and asian.  Small and pretty women can do no wrong.  They are not a threat.  Thin ones snap and small ones do not see the glances and masonic sneers which go over their heads.


Ugly, fat, old men get the cream of society.  They get all the corrupt pleasures and the cream at the top.  They get young women to lust after their money, they get tax breaks.  They get fast cars and when they do a stupendously bad job they get paid to retire and a huge pension.  They command enormous sums of money for doing less work than we do, and for shouting at others to do their work whilst they eat enormous amounts and take all day to do it.  You can't touch 'em, and why?  Because they love to be hated, the pay people to smack them about and whip them.  Then they drink alot and fall asleep and like Freddy Kruger they enter the reality of your children and abuse them, astrally and with tech.  And you think it is aliens, ghosts, saints.


I hope it is the Deux Ex Machina, which I hope means the 'ghost in the machine', the conscience of the repressed other which is here to teach us a lesson and eventually improve us, but I am sure that the phrase 'lost in translation' applies and the message gets corrupted on the way down, or up.


The worst of it is.  Those small, ill, frail creatures with the eyes full of tears, what if they are real and what if they are humans just like us who have been mistreated since birth in secret and horrendous 'facilities'.  Facilities - like toilets.  The more security you have the worse it gets.  The tighter you squeeze the more the jelly of humanity leaks out and makes a terrible mess.


I've been raped, first it was astrals and now it is satellites or machines of some sort.  It's been a long stupid waste of my time, but at least I've told you this.  Sorry to have had to.  It's not the reality I want for anyone.  Anything without consent is abuse, and if you don't know the whole deal or the whole story, then it is without consent.  The Vatican and other groups of secretive men are either conning us or hiding secrets which we need to know.  Boring old conspiracy theorist, write it off as a bad mood, a good mind gone bad, a bored waste of time, til it happens to you.  And I hope it doesn't, cos humans are better than this - so stop making horror movies and blowing up the world.

My Julie Burchilllllllllllll Moment

They, You, Them, Us, Opposition breeds contempt,

and all men are bent.

My anger is spent

It's a man's world

And he facies the half of himself

That he sees in his children

President Obama on his inaugural day in the morning, practically blanked Michelle,

and walked off with his arm round his eldest daughter.

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