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My first encounter with BUFORA was in 1996 when my friend Arwen and I went to a lecture.  They showed pictures which looked like photographs as slides, of beautiful fairy like UFOs and described them as hoaxes with no justification for that.  We were so dissappointed at going to a UFO group and them doing that sort of lousy rubbishing that we left.


I went to their anniversary meeting in 2003.  There's old men there with machinery and no scruples.



Judith Jafaar BUFORA (who has admitted to me that she has never seen a UFO and seems proud of the fact) and Matthew Williams have told me that they “know who made the Roswell Dummy”, but have not told me who it is, or apparently anyone else (they probably don’t know and were just being nasty, meaning that I am the Roswell Dummy) - that's what they told me when I paid seven pounds to go to the BUFORA lecture (invited by John Wickham) in June 2004.  When I arrived I handed Judy my Roswell Alien Autopsy postcard art as a way of introduction and her response was to hand it back and say;

JJ – ‘Why would I want that?’

TG - ‘Judy why are you being hostile to me?’

JJ - ‘We think you are being hostile…are you Aleister Crowley?  Are you an alien? '

TG – ‘No’

JJ – ‘You’ve got a problem!’

Months later when I rang to amend the rift she said “No, I have never seen a UFO myself…You are a flawed individual… I am a very successful therapist!”

TG - 'There's no need to brag, and if you're a therapist why don't you stick to that then?'


BUFORA, Truthseekers Review and Strange Phenomenon Investigations have not offered me any support, and have in fact excluded me, and publicly bitched about me to strangers when I wasn’t there.


Today (25th Jan '05) I rang to amend the rift as she had driven me out of  January’s lecture by demanding money as a way of ‘greeting’ within two minutes of my arrival.  This was our conversation.

TG - ‘Hello Judy, So Judy are you going to tell me who made the Roswell Alien Autopsy Footage?’

JJ - ‘Is that Tabitha?’

TG – ‘Yes, Are you going to tell me?’

JJ -  ‘Why are you being so rude and aggressive?'

TG – ‘Why are you running a group dedicated to UFOs, when you have never actually seen one and you treat people who have like shit?’



Response from Matthew Williams ‘I am not sexually or intellectually interested in you.  You ugly mental bitch’ additionaly to complete his professionalism, he said 'fuck off'.


Response from Malcolm Robinson – none whatsoever, though he seems chatty enough if I ring and invites me to meetings (so I can pay him seven pounds and he can ignore me)  Apart from being in a group called SPI, he also works for a telecommunications company (my phones have been bugged) and knows a man who claims he can take your soul out of your body with technological machinery he makes at home - remote viewers, invisible men.  I no longer go to those meetings.  I also now have an incubus.


Response from Whitley Strieber – ‘Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me’ (appropro of my asking him if he had been paid a million bucks [please note by the way that the dollar sign $ is the Microsoft sign for corruption] to write Communion as it says in The Extraterrestrial Encyclopedia by David Darling who adds that “In 1993, however, Strieber confessed that his writings had been entirely fictional.”)


Response from Nick Pope – ‘I’m busy’


Response from Dan Sherman (Above Black) – ‘I’m busy’


Response from Stanton Friedman – told me my Faher was a liar as my Mum lay dying.  Also told me he’d lost 11,000 emails which is great considering I’ve had no website driven email in 7 months (a bit strange that I think). and is his email.


Response from Disclosure Project, sent me a nice article and told me my website was ‘very cool’ (thank you)


Response from Peter Gersten UFO lawyer ‘there are thousands of pages on Roswell out there’


Response from Jenny Randles – I couldn’t get through to her, my email got bounced back.


Response from Cosmic Conpiracies - none, they didn't return the call.


Additional comments on 12-06-05


Finally met Tim Good, and I thought it went very well.  Until I realised I still have no contact numbers and was not publicly introduced, and despite a free Rosunwell mug, he never emailed.


So if I'm elusive, you now know why.  


I have seen loads of UFOs.

We have to sort out gender issues first.  

War and Whore is all too much crap for anyone who isn't stupid.  And no I'm not being nasty, and no I don't think they are demons.   I have done this, and I am amazed at the stupidity of humans.  Absolutely gobsmacked.

So if you're having any difficulties,  email :

I 'hope you enjoy' reading the site (as Ray Santilli might say)

Tabitha Goode

Fine Art Batchelor Degree

Women's Studies Master's Degree

Photo Studies Master's Degree with Merit

Saw a nice rainbow today though!

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