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The world's best - in London on a homeP.C. and straight into the most sophisticated militarily secure cyber system in the world.  Proud of him we are (though he was naughty to delete things) grateful they should be for his revelations of their vulnerability. Astounding, and he was looking for proof of UFOs.  Inspired genius - total skill.

Proof of UFOs is hard to get.  -

If they are real and able to travel in time and space, then proof of

their presence would be theirs to hide.

The military is unlikely to code

them as 'ufos' and more likely to call

them 'fast walkers' or 'aerial

anomalies' or other more secret

acronyms which we don't know of.

The american military really are not

as good as their propaganda

suggests though (easy passwords, platform gaps) which leads me to

conclude it is aliens we are dealing

with and not 'signals disruptors'.

Evening Standard    Wednesday  8/06/05

Mr McKinnon later

stated to the BBC tv News tech programme Click Online that a female contact [at the Pentagon?] said she had an image of an anomalous oblong object, just outside the Earth's atmosphere, but he was not able to save the image.  [Whether it was Earth based tech and the Americans wanted to find out who, or whether it was unknown, is unknown].

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