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HAARP - The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project is jointly run by the USAF and Navy from Alaska.  First reports of an ionspheric heater began in 1972, and HAARP seems to have been going since 1994 with full operational capabillity in 2001. It is based on Tesla technology which has been around for a nearly one hundred years: New York Times, December 8, 1915 “Nikola Tesla, the inventor, has filed patent applications on the essential parts of a machine - a parallel of Thor's shooting thunderbolts from the sky to punish those who had angered the gods…the invention will go through space with a speed of 300 miles a second, a manless ship without propelling engine or wings sent by electricity to any desired point on the globe on its errand of destruction”. Despite a 1974 United Nations General Assembly ban on environmental warfare this device has this and several other uses: “earth penetrating tomography (looking through layers of the earth to locate underground facilities or minerals) communications with submarines, to manipulate communication of others, over-the-horizon radar, energy transfers from one part of the world to another, creating artificial plasma (energy) layers or patches in the ionosphere, to alter weather and may be used as an anti-satellite weapon” (Jeane Manning and Dr Nick Begich, Angels Don’t Play this HAARP”  (2001) p. 6).  Concerns are that they will use it to “manipulate global weather; hurt ecosystems; knock out electronic communications; or change our moods and mental states [mind control].” (ibid p. 9).  So, if you wonder what made you say something that you didn’t mean to say, now you know! It’s not paranoia if they really are out to get you.  It’s astonishing what amazing things we could achieve if only we weren’t out to kill each other and aiming for global domination, isn’t it! See


Haley – Leah A. Author of autobiographical alien or MILAB experiences (or Obnoxious Military and Government Scoundrels OMAGS experiences) uses one line which in my opinion is very telling.  She’s married to but not often lliving with a “freelance aneasthetist” for most of the time that she’s having missing time and finding strange marks on her body when she wakes up.  She is admirable for putting it all down with scepticism and letting us decide about what is going on.  A revealing moment for me is when she says “I put my peach-colored panties back on and went home” (Unlocking Alien Closets (2003) p. 52).  I think that is too much information, not alien related, and if I had a dream where my husband took me to the house of a new neighbour and it turned into a sex orgy, I would think there was something wrong with my husband, not that I was a victim of mind control by the military.  (The fact that he wasn’t there when she went to sleep and wasn’t there in the morning does not convince me that she was only dreaming, especially as she is in discomfort on awakening). It’s also a bit odd that she meets a woman she doesn’t trust and even fears, yet takes the woman to meet her mother, and leaves her with her mother, and gives the stranger her contact details, whilst confiding in the reader her anxiety about being stalked!  Still, perhaps that is the mind control  element of it: “Besides tracking a person’s every action  and relaying the data to a computer screen on earth, amazing powers of satellites include reading a person’s mind, monitoring conversations, manipulating electronic instruments, and physically assaulting someone with a laser beam.  Remote reading of someone’s mind through satellite technology is quite bizarre, yet it is being done” (Haley (2003) p. 288 quoting “The Shocking Menace of Satellite Surveillance” from  She has also written Lost was the Key, which I thought was very good (but I didn’t know her former husband was a freelance aneasthetist at the time, and it does make you wonder what sort of people he’s hanging out with and taking her to meet when, or if,  she’s been drugged by him.)  I found the photos of scratches and marks were ambiguous and inconclusive, and felt they didn’t add much except make you feel she was victimised, but not necessarily by Other dimensional beings, and I wonder how much mind control and sexual abuse is being blamed on aliens when it’s really military or civilian men. Afterall there are a lot of military men with recreational time on their hands looking to perfect mind control techniques, and paranoia and sex are powerful motivators when the aim is to cause disruption and distraction.  Haley makes it clear that your attitude is key to your enlightenment and survival and she does a good job in unmasking the techniques used in the new psychological warfare arsenal.  She seems to conclude that it may be God versus the Dark forces.  Maybe she’s right, it could be our souls evolving to become cosmic beings. Haley, Unlocking Alien Closets: “the alien phenomenon is ‘matrixical’…It is not just physical craft that come from other planets.  It is not just physical, nonhuman beings who communicate with and conduct medical experiments on humans.  Minds, souls and spirits are also involved.  Both physical and spiritual beings are involved…Star Wars (directed by George Lucas, Lucasfilm, 1977).  In our reality, ‘The Dark Side’ is made up of…humans who are predominantly evil.  They work with malevolent aliens and evil spirits.  They use mind control, government coverup, debunking, ridicule, threats, torture, and ruin as weapons.  Satan is their leader.  On the other hand, ‘The Force’ is composed of predominantly good humans who work with benevolent aliens and good spirits.  Their primary goal is to promote and uphold principles of righteousness and truth.  God is their leader…[so] do unto others as we would have others do unto us.” (Haley (2003) p. 294). That’s alright so long as you’re not bent on self-destruction! Unfortunately, as we saw with the Moon photos, what appears light or dark depends on where the light is coming from.  How do we know that the black matter in space is not God’s consciousness?  Binary oppositions are not what this phenomena is about, but Grey matters, as Hercule Poirot would say “the little grey cells”.

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