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" The heart chakra is related to the element air and the quality of love.  Air is formless, largely invisible, absolutely necessary, and the least dense of our first four elements.  Air is expansive as it will expand t fit any space (p 30) ...ether, or akasha, meaning "spirit", as well as the element of sound.  Sound is a rythmic vibration of air molecules....All sound is a vibration, and all things, living and nonliving, have a unique vibration [animate or inanimate]...a complex interwoven net of energies with characteristic vibrational rhythms... Mother Kali, the destroyer, is said to have the power to remove the letters of the alphabet from the petals of the chakras when she chooses to destroy the world.  Without sound and language, there is no form.... resonance, ...when sound waves of a similar frequency meet ...oscillating at the same time...creates the ongoing harmony and substance that we experience in the world [as the world]....[calling] other wave forms into harmony with it, bringing strength and integrity..." (p. 36-37) The Truth About Chakras by Anoda Judith. 1990 and 2000


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