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America has been pushing the worst nightmares at us for years.  Horrific movies of cinematic disasters where people group up afraid of the dark and clutching a gun under their pillow for protection against chainsaw massacres, towering infernos and catastrophic disasters of all terrifying kinds.

They show us beautiful women who are totally disrespected, as if all the effort and expense that went into creating their look is of no significance and they show us men hating women all the time.  Being beautiful isn't enough to make you happy in their sour and tainted dramas, but without it you are not even in the plot.  I will never forget the episode of Nip and Tuck where the large lady wanted to reunite with a Prom date at a reunion, and decided to spend loads of money being cut up into a fillet to please this man she hadn't seen for over a decade.  The surgeons scathingly refused her.  So she gets a gun to kill them.  Unfortunately she is polite though and kills herself instead.  How horrendous is that.  Instant nightmare.  The episode finishes and that is what is left in my head.  I never watched another programme of it and spend all my time avoiding Sky One now because the hateful images speed past so fast, a rape, a murder, a broken heart, and no analysis of it, no responsibility taken for it, no grieving.  Viewers are constantly bombarded with this offensive hate imagery, and they learn fast to treat each other with contempt in real life.  No regard for the years it takes to recuperate from harm is considered.

There is no 'war on terrorism' - war IS terrorism.

Frequently when we throw insults about we are really pointing to a disliked aspect of ourselves, so when George Bush spoke of the 'axis of evil' perhaps our response should have been 'takes one to know one'.

Another time when such a mass panic broke out was when the church turned against people and slandered them as 'witches' and when the cold war issued in unreasonable fear against those 'suspected' of communism.  Reds under the Bed - embarrassment and fear at being raped and spied on by invisible men, hence the secrecy, the confusion and the fals accusations.

When it came to the witchhunt:

"The Pope appointed Kramer and Sprenger to write a comprehensive analysis, using the full academic armory of the late fifteenth century.  With exhaustive citations of Scripture and of ancient and modern scholars, they produced the Malleus Maleficarum, the "Hammer of the Witches" - [a book written and used by so called christians to torture people with, basically a catalogue of hideous ways in which to unjustly accuse and painfully mutilate, burn and murder the vulnerable with sadistic abuse] aptly described as one of the most terrifying documents in human history...[the Christian Church used terminal torture to murder thousands of innocent falsley accused citizens] Torture is an unfailing means to ...[gain an admission to the] accusation.  There are no rights of the defendant.  There is no opportunity to confront the accusers." {Carl Sagan, Demon Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark, 1996, p. 119}.  The worse you treat someone the worse they will feel and the more you suspect them the more they will be suspected.

Bush has taken the word 'witchcraft' and replaced it with the word 'terrorism' in order to falsely accuse and imprison without trial those who oppose his politics.

Blair has encarcerated 35,000 suspects and released 21,000 without charge.

In the most repressive military prison, people who have not stood trial, and have had no chance to complain, are being tortured.

Hundreds of prisoners have been on hunger strike for over ten weeks in Guantanemo Bay.  They are censored and locked away without access to lawyers, the media or their families, they have no rights and are being tortured.

Bush is the terrorist.


"Today Ekman and Metaxas are getting millions of dollars from the multiple military agencies to study the fleeting facial expressions and casual gestures that many observers do not notice, but that the scientists hope can help them develop more sophisticated lie detectors. "Micro-expressions and micro-gestures are a lot harder to mask and they do not vary among cultures and races," Metaxas told the Daily Targus, the Rutgers campus newspaper. "This gives interrogators tools to do their job confidently."


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