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Yes, it's nice to be a space pixie...

Jacobs – David M.  Judging by ‘Secret Life’ this man is very dangerous indeed and here’s why.  He has set himself up as an ‘authority’ by which I mean he judges other people in a subject which he has no personal experience of.  Using this ‘power over’ others he then leads them to describe what I can only interpret as disturbing child abuse.  I’m now going to quote to show what I mean so avert your gaze cos it’s nasty : “[Jacobs] What’s in that room? [Will Parker] Nothing…It’s just empty…[Jacobs] Is there anybody in this room? [Will Parker] No [Jacobs] Do you walk into the room, or just look into the room? [Will Parker] I ran into the room….[Jacobs] Do you just sort of stay there near the edge of this big room?” (1992 p. 269- 270) See what I mean?  Leading the witness, disregarding the response, repeating the loaded question with an insistence on a response.  His language is primed to trigger the response he wants and he’s only an Associate Professor of History so even if the people he has interviewed are real, he’s not trained in the ethics of mental health practice so he constantly puts ideas in their heads.  I’m not saying that strange others are not creating hybrid races, I’m just saying that Jacobs finds the stuff about the children a lot more interesting and believable (ie he wants to believe it and encourages us to believe it) than he does the events of the 1950’s.  Again this is nasty stuff, but I have to quote from Chapter 11 ‘Answers’ - “Fabrication is, of course, the first explanation that must be addressed…The  contactees in the 1950’s set the precedent for this theory, with their tall tales of ongoing contact with benevolent, cancer-curing, war-stopping Space Brothers.” (and Sisters, but he’s forgotten that !) .  What is so hard to believe about advanced, sympathetic, nice people who can cure one of the worst causes of death and relieve us of the horror, wastage and damage and pain caused by stupid wars?  Why does he relish instead a belief in tall or short beings who take people against their will, restrain them, rape them, and manipulate them into producing "ugly" babies, "gross" babies, babies that the human women want nothing to do with?  Oh yeah Jacobs?  You can believe that but the contactees were telling tall tales?  What’s your agenda, or did the American military so mess up our early contact with Other Races that now it’s just nasty robotic types messing with our genetics?  He admits that there is a small band of people who hold the reigns on ‘authenticating’ and validating what gets accepted into ufology “exact and minute details of procedures known only to a few UFO researchers” (1992, p. 284) so it’s a case of say what we want to hear or we won’t hear you.  What they want to hear is sick.  If you say anything else Jacobs says you’re a liar “From the beginning, her story was unlike other abduction accounts.  The aliens were tall monsters….lying can fool an inexperienced researcher, but not one who is familiar with the abduction experience that has been confirmed so many times over.” (p. 284-5)  I repeat the old addage that alien contact only has to happen once for it to be real.  So if fifty people get run over by a car, and one gets hit by a bus, is that person a liar?  Only in the world of ufology could seeking money and publicity be a slur on someone’s good character!  Most experiencers don’t because if they accept any payment ‘researchers’ will use this to invalidate their claims (whilst writing their own books and selling them).  We have Pop Idol, Big Brother, Fame Academy etc etc etc, we’re in a capitalist world where everyone wants to be rich and famous, but if you’re an abductee or contactee this will make you a ‘liar’ and a ‘fraud’, says Jacobs in his $12 paperback.  So, he discounts contactees and promotes abductees but by his own definition “Contactees actively sought money and publicity…Most abductees have sought neither…[and] are extremely concerned that their identities might be revealed and that they might lose their standing in the community and in their work.  [They are victimized in other words, and Jacobs has neither seen a UFO nor been contacted by the occupants].  Only a few of the abductees that Budd Hopkins and I have worked with over the years have gone to the media to tell what has happened to them…To the best of my knowledge, none has profited monetarily” (p. 284)  


So these creepy old men ‘hypnotise’ you and lead you to say weird scary things about touching monster babies, and they leave you isolated and alone while they build their careers out of your dysfunctional life.  “Whereas most major contactees knew and supported each other’s claims, most abductees do not know each other…feel violated and victimized…[and] fear the abduction phenomenon” (p. 284).  The people who set themselves up as ‘professionals’ in this field are usually old men and very cliquey “since 1966 researchers have known [how can we 'know' anything for sure with mind kontrol around?] about the physical examination.  In the 1980s, Budd Hopkins’s pioneering work uncovered reproductive procedures, such as egg removal, sperm collection, and baby holding.” (p. 325)  So it’s certain that if you say anything other than that you won’t be believed and they will ‘debunk’ you.  Well I’m debunking them because I’ve had experiences and they haven’t, so I have the right to talk about this.  

Who’s to say that these men are not creating a situation where the secret military can rape you at night and say it’s aliens? [Incubus attacks, invisible entities]

Check out the Patriot Act (USA) Section 802 which allows the authorities to arrest citizens as terrorists for misdemeanor crimes, and Section 213 which “delays warrants.  It means they can sneak in your house for any reason, take whatever they want, and never even tell you they were there.” (Alex Jones 9-11 Descent into Tyranny 2002 p. 120) [and they do!]

- Please Miss, can I piss myself, cos the World Trade Centre's just fallen over.


- No George you can't, not 'til your second term, and you know what that means?  No? Well it means - Never!  And mind your language!   Also stop calling people 'the axis of evil' or 'backward', it's not very nice.


- I invoke my right to freedom of speech


- Oh, well then, you can go and sit in the corner. Memo: Never say never.

Cracked Actor / Star Man

Dark Actors / Dark Matter   -   Or    -   Why did we let Roman Polanski get away with that?

                                               The Roswell Autopsy Footage vs. Rosemary's Baby (1968)                                                         - Discovery or Construction ?

People who speak about Masons are usually suspected of being Masons out on a publicity spree, spreading lies and disinformation as they go, not to mention confusion.


People who deny the existence or any knowledge on the subject of the Secret Society are hardcore, card carrying members.  People who care only about the ‘Society’ above all else – more important than their family, their country or their God.


Catch 22 / Damned if you do, damned if you don’t / No-win situation.

Of course the real secret is, it’s just men.  They use women as pawns to get away from the accusation of sexism.  They may even pretend to worship a female deity, but is that possible in the mind of a man?

I know who they worship.  It’s a child, as in Carrie and Rosemary’s Baby.  Look at this picture of George Bush Junior.  What was he doing in this position at the time of 9/11/01.

Was he giving this child an ego trip of enormous proportions, or humiliating her?

In Michael Moore's film Fahrenheit 911 Bush looks totally in shock, permanently, a condition which Moore says is where Bush "doesn't react" to the news of the planes being hijacked with passengers onboard and America being under attack.  Considering the rumours that it was a Pentagon wargame simulation which somehow became real, one wonders if he believed his advisor, or whether he was so intimidated by the class room of children or so respectful of them that he hated to disrupt his visit to the classroom, even in the event of thousands of Americans being under threat.  The minutes ticked by.

At the back of all this, the biggest secret of all, is hidden right there in plain view – the basic primal urge if you’re a man animal.

Is there a Freudian complex name for this?  Who knows and who cares, Freud wouldn’t have gone there with this theory – he backed away from incest by using the excuse of ‘fantasy’.

That is the excuse all pornographers use – while they debase real women through humiliation and idolize evil and ignorant men through identification, they excuse it y saying it is a fantasy, ut real people are involved in the production of it.

So at the back of this Secret Society, is the unmentionable nightmare -  That the father wants to overthrow the mother and take his own daughter as his reproductive partner.

It’s the reason why in India and China, the wife is usually less than half his age, sometimes five times younger.

It’s the reason why Father’s For Justice are dressing up as Super Heroes and holding our society hostage, to gain access to children which their wives or former wives don't want them anywhere near.

It’s probably the excuse used to have bombed Iraq, who knows, to 'liberate' people.  We do know that Saddam Hussein came across as more honourable, more God-fearing and moral than the extremely corrupt Bush Administration and warmongers in the pentagon making money from the deals, inflicting capitalism and western values on the Middle Eastern Islamic people.

It’s a Catch 22 again.  Accuse a man of that and the emphasis is on you to provide the proof of it.

His accusation of slander will be stronger than your insult about abuse, it’s wrong, but it’s all part of the collusion of the hierarchy.

We collude with the Father.  It’s all in His name as the Priests keep telling us while they use their positions to abuse choir boys etc.  It is the soap operas like Dirty Den and his 'princess' in Eastenders.  It’s the motivation for his ‘Princess’ to find a Prince.  It’s the Prince’s motivation to overthrow the Father and take the Father’s love object for himself.  It’s the Princess’s motivation to leave the Father and Mother and set up on her own – to keep their relationship in tact.

But this isn’t ‘natural’ it’s not biological nature – it’s conditioning of a millennia of male desires taking precendence.  It’s a corruption, evil at it’s very root – the Axis of Evil, and George Bush should know this, is patriarchal, peadophillic, pornographic child abuse.

So if you mention this and talk about it – will you be accused of being one?  If I censor myself am I colluding by hiding my fears?

If I deny it and say it doesn’t exist – no such thing as Satanic Child Abuse – does that make me a colluder in the most disgusting crime?

There was a programme about it on tv, but they 'blamed the victim' by saying she had 'Dissasociative Disorder' (ie that her personality or cognitive senses were ruined - which they were from the abuse - and using this as a way of ignoring what was depicted in the programme - that people in purple robes with inverted crucifixes were actually tying her up and abusing her.  Instead of asking who these people were who did this to her, they put up a helpline for people suffering from 'Dissasociative Disorder' thereby gaining themselves the contact details of more vulnerable people.  It's like charities which eat money and do not solve the problem, it's like child welfare groups which are run by men.  Can they be trusted?

The very men who spend all day watching the worst pornographic abuses in order to catch the criminals are the very ones who should not be watching it.

It’s too offensive and disgusting for anyone who’s not trained in SexCrime Prosecution is it?  A normal person would watch five seconds of it and turn it off in disgust and outrage and put the manufacturer/producer/director in prison.  But these hardcore Policemen who watch them on a daily basis see worse things than you can imagine, and put up with it and get corrupted by it, and their tolerance levels go up as they get desensitised to it.

It’s the unnatural corruption of the male ego.  Pornography, like War gets worse the more you do it.  It escalates.  Didn’t the sick and stupid ‘9.5 weeks’ teach you that? (That’s 9 and a half, not 9 to 5 – though watching The Secretary you might find that hard to believe – a little Executive Relief with your laptop Sir?)

How insulting for a woman who needs a proper job as a secretary to survive, for her then to be exploited by her 'boss' and for the working situation to be changed into one where she is his prostitute in the office.  How scary for any wife to think that her husband is nobbing his secretary. "I did not have sexual relations with that woman!"  Yes you did Clinton you liar.  Your semen was all over her dress.  How dare you treat women like that and abuse sexuality into an act of slavery and humiliation.

That can be the only secret monstrous enough and infectiously poisonous enough to merit this much secrecy, and it’s obviously everywhere.

Underage and teen pregnancies are on the rise – leading Fathers to get more involved and ‘lay down the law’ even ‘harder’ on their daughters.  Even absentee Fathers, mere sperm donors in all but name, have more rights and less restrictions through this philosophy.

Poison. It is poison when high street shops sell sexy underwear to under fives, high heeled shoes and other paedophilic passions as 'fashion' to mums who want to be ‘up to date’ in their children's cultural requirements.

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

Not to mention the pressure to look as young as possible, more and more, progressively as you get older.  One day he’s going to leave you for someone younger.  You know that don’t you.  For sure, sure as eggs is eggs.  So buy that expensive anti-wrinkle cream, invest in your charms by paying a man thousands to cut your body and scar it and risk your health just so your boyfriend has something he wants to squeeze.  Buy those conditioners and those firmers, spend spend spend.  You already earn less than he does, if you are working at all, earning less by being underpaid for the same job, so spend it all on the cosmetics counter, at the beauticians, in the high street fashion stores, and at the shoe shop.  If you don't you won't be employed because you will look scruffy.  'Look at her hair.  Oh mi gawd, that's not SLEEK. better fire her immediately!'.  Not only that but also you must drink with your co workers after work, just to ensure that you never earn enough to save or pay off your mortgage.  Spend spend spend, that's why we work work work.  New suit, new car, new tights, new dress, new make-up.  Only painting your face does not work, it makes the spots worse to cover them up with foundation and powder, then you must use more to cover them up.  Shampoo for greasy hair gives you greasy hair.  Shampoo for dry hair gives you dry hair.  A constant struggle with your frizzy follicles and removing 'unwanted' hair and 'unsightly' hair, and their is simply no time to think about what he is getting up to spending thousands in the whorehouse or the sex shop video rental section.

At least try to sound like a girl – giggle a lot and talk about superficial things.

No win situation.

Sound daft and get overlooked.  Sound clever and get overlooked.  Look attractive and get overlooked keep trying to look younger and younger and then find suddenly, that it’s all your fault, cos you’ve been encouraging him to fancy younger looking people!  Only got yourself to blame missus – where’s your proof?

That’s why they are secret and that’s why they are men.

No other reason required, no other requirements requested.

They simply do not think as we do, they do not have to , cos they are not trying to remove the frizz from their hair, so they do not have frizzy hair to worry about!

How do you stop them when they have 'infiltrated' society, in the Police, the Legal System, the Criminal Justice/Injustice System, the Government and the Media, not to mention the businesses, conglomerates, corporations etc are men who do not think about how they look, but who demand a woman looks a certain way.

So you don’t stop them, you become one (many policewomen are tougher than the blokes.  Mag Thatcher was dubed the 'Iron Lady' and while this was an offensive media term, she rather turned it around and took pride in her steely composure and hard as nails approach.  She was 'the man').  And you don’t do anything wrong.  You strive to play by their rules.  You don’t find out that they are corrupt, though you notice the intrusive observations and the ‘knowing winks’.  You are an upright, loving, noble person – maybe, but who is above you, and who is above them and what do they do ‘Secretly’ behind their hermetically sealed doors?  How many layers to the top are there?  What’s the big motivation to get there?  Is it entering the Gateway of the Goddess at the right time by any chance?  Saw Saddam Hussein’s banknotes did you?  Innana’s Gate Way wasn’t it.

Does that mean that Saddam had more respect for women and was he blowing the whistle on the Washington masons?


Does it mean then that he was the Axis of Evil idolising feminine fecundity?

Meanings are flexible, a look in the eye can change the meaning of something as I’m sure ‘Grand’ Masons and paedophiles will tell you.  It is all about 'grooming' and conditioning, little by little the water wears the stone.

All you know for sure is that the more complicated it gets and the more meaning turns back on itself, the more the invisible web settles down in darkness, restricting and constricting your soul, the more aware you become that something is wrong in the background, undercover, behind the scenes.  Making it visible in the light will make it worse, initially, that's if you can drag it into the light. I would say ‘come to light’ but I don’t know what I would be implying in symbolic terminology – I didn’t write the book on it, if there is one – I don’t even have a 'pen’ or a 'sword' or a 'baton' for that matter.  I'm not a 'member' of the club, surely it would be a disturbance in the 'force'.

Hiding it makes it stronger, more angry, more desperate to be found out.

Freud says Electra fancied her father and that’s the name of the complex for it. He said the boy child fancied the mother and called this the 'Oedipus Complex'.  But Freud knew that really the problem was with male relatives abusing the youngsters in their care, he simply couldn't say it, and wrote it of as 'fantasy' because - who was paying him for the 'treatment'?  The rich male relatives! Carl Jung of course wisely went the other way and embellished the fantasies and coincidences, populating it with trolls and fairies – uh oh, I know where this is heading.  Little children dressed up as fairies and princesses…Besides which Jung was infamous for shagging his clients.

So what’s the answer?  Apart from round ‘em up on an island and bomb them – that’s the paedophiles, not the children.

Well my personal fantasy which I’m working hard to manifest in this dimensional reality, is that if you are seriously committed to Freemasonry or whatever other kind of Masonry there is, you will be required to cut off your penis as a sign of dedication and a secret act which may not be revealed to anyone but the initiated on a certain level.  And you will worship Kali, the dark mother slayer of men – hence the name 'Ma' as in mother and 'sonic' as in sound.  Kali has the voice, she has the sound of wisdom and the noise of the end of days/Universe/Multiverse.  That would be divine retribution and after all we’ve had castrati for a long enough time in Priests and Eunuchs – that’s cutting their balls off – black balling – which was probably done with hot tar.  Men like male on male violence and so do I, but this would be a self inflicted act of devotion.

So what do we do?  Pretend the masons don’t exist, let them get on with whatever in private?  Under their aprons?  I don't think they are doing the washing up somehow.

Or order a witch hunt to root them out like McCarthy and his black list?

You'd have to get a massive group of women together for that, and they would all be worrying about their frizzy hair wouldn't they!  And criticising each other for not being fashionable enough or for being too fashionable or for fancing thier boyfriends or for being too scarily lesbian (don't mention the 'L Word'!).

Arrgh the women/feminists/lesbians/aliens/reds/commies/lessies/freaks are coming!  Better hide it all under the black blanket of secrecy.

Black budget as opposed to the White budget which is what we see.  So, is there a BlackHouse like the WhiteHouse?  Bohemian Grove isn't it?   I’ll leave the racism angle of the use of the word ‘black’ to someone better qualified, but I’m sure that the exclusion of the Afro-American voters in the Masonic farce that was dubya’s election was no accident.  It's no accident that thousands of African children go missing never to be found.

Complicated huh?


Get a life, mind your own business, keep your nose clean and to the grindstone – you’ll get your fingers burnt.  Yes well, I already did, and I expect it will get worse, so I’ll leave you with this positive affirmation so you can all secretly work on healing yourselves and hoping for the best and not the nightmarish scenario as stated above.


I’ll just tailor off with one more controversial comment – David Icke, is he a mason on the loose or not?  And would we know the difference?  All publicity is good publicity, or so they used to say until Marilyn Monroe died  She was bumped off, and was that because she found aliens under the bed of Jack and Robert Kennedy?  Or was it little children?

Answer me!

Oh, you can’t – you’re sworn to secrecy, I forgot.

10/10/04  10am


And when we talk abut healing light, George, we are not talking about nuclear war!


The Great Invocation


From the point of light

Within the Mind of God

Let light stream forth into

The minds of Women and men

Let Light descend on Earth

 *(darkness saw the light but did not comprehend it)*


From the point of Love

Within the Heart of God

Let love stream forth into

the hearts of Women and men.


From the centre where the

Will of God is known

Let purpose guide the little

wills of men and the big hearts of Women


From the centre which we call the race of Earth humans

Let the Plan of Love and Light work out

And may it seal the place where evil dwells.


May Light and Love and Wisdom

Bring forth the Divine Plan

(And let's hope it's a much better plan than the nightmares we've had so far)






Hissey fit

as it all gets a

bit Dissociatively


One of many very good

911 critical sites



Let's Roll 911

Tell me again

Phantom Menace

which was the one that

wants your denari ?

Levelling the pyramid.

The serpent in your trousers is what caused the Fall from Grace, I reckon.

Becoming cynical due to governmental

dishonesty is a corrosive corruption,

once begun on a path of belief in mind

control, your own fear will imprison your

mind with no wardens required.

Think the best and create your own

light that shines in the darkness

I wish to ensure that the following comments are considered.

Thank you very much for your time.

"Lovemaking?   Love is an intangible feeling an emotion.  Rape is a penitrative act of violence.  Sex should be consenual (which is the point of marriage cerificates - maybe we need pre-sex certificates) the problem arises when men think it is something that can be purchased.  They use money to buy it from prostitutes and thereby conclude that women are sexslaves, the men's minds are already poisoned by the media into thinking women want it all the time (which we don't).

Men think they are failures if they haven't got a woman's body to use for their own male bodily function of ejaculation.

So they feel pressured into using drugs, alchohol and verbal lies to persuade the female that she is "loved" when act12

(which we don't).

Pain hurts anyone, if someone is turned on by pain then they have a mental problem which should be addressed (the issue of sado-masochism - power over which high court judges and other overpowered and overpaid and overopinionated men seem to suffer from).

So don't confuse the use of a penis as a gun - which is rape - don't confuse that with the soft cuddly feeling which is more than sex and may at some extremely rare moments temporarily arrive at a state which we may approximate to "lovemaking".

I wish to express my concern that if the sextrade is given legal legitimacy then instead of men-who-use-women being criminalised (which they should be) it will instead be an unfortunate situation whereby all women are perceived as sexslaves for sale with a price on their heads dependant on how they physically appear, and treated derogatorily.

Prostitutes are often treated with utter disdain when it is the men-who-use who should be despised.

I also dispute that it is "the oldest profession", I don't think it is ancient to use women as saleable commodities.  I think it is a recent symptom of late capitalism whereby women have no entry into the job market, find themselves excluded and can only make a living by selling themselves physically for a despicable act.  It represents men being considered more important than woman, and some men being considered more important than other men.  Pornography is also a violent, humiliating and propagandistic, misogynistic and paedophillic abuse system which causes death and leads to hatred.

Features & Articles on - The List



Welcome to David Icke's WebSite ~

...should not be put aside just because Bush and Blair have done the bidding... ...George W. Bush to President Saddam Hussein of Iraq is an incredible act of... ...arrogance which only this administration would dare to commit. Bush's... ...amusing if Saddam's response to Bush's ulitmatum had been, I will give up...


Do not think it is "cool" just because Dubya does it

- he is a victim of it and so it all he knows - a chain/cycle a way of being which is harmful to us all

Welcome to David Icke's WebSite ~



...Scripture Union's Paedophile called Pogo Loosed to Prey Pray? on Kids... ...Special-Oil-Interests-Controlled-President Bush's Energy Plan Keeps... ...Holocaust , Paedophiles & Child Sacrifices Perpetrated and Covered Up by... ...PUBLIC RELATIONS - THE MANIPULATION OF THE PUBLIC MIND 'The Bushes of...






You may think satanism is "alternative" but it's just the same old oppressive shit and it causes many many problems, years or lifetimes of suffering, and ensures that people who could change things are too scared to talk.  


The problem is the more you speak of it the more the information spreads on how to perpetuate it, until you find yourself accusing the whistleblower of being the perpetrator.  It is the most hidden and most power-infested thing there is, and may well the cause of what we think is "alien mythology" in terms of bedroom visitors.


It is difficult to think that David Icke is not telling you how to proceed in conducting the offense even though he is trying to uncover and prevent it.










England: Child Abuse victims' evidence was 'harrowing - 02-15-00




Link URL for websites

But the space race is not worth destroying this planet for, and aliens are not an excuse you should use to justify traumatizing children.

The message is about respect and development and against destruction, it's not about damaging people.  We need the resources of NASA etc here on earth, and we cannot afford to monstrous expense of deep space exploration.

"There's an old saying in Tennessee — I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again." —George W. Bush, Nashville, Tenn., Sept. 17, 2002

Actually it is "Fool me once shame on you,

                       Fool me twice shame on me."

but I think George meant "Fool me - you can't get fooled again, cos you'll be dead"

Dr Vannevar Bush?

No Sirreeee,

We are not

related !

CONFIRMATION: The Hard Evidence, by Whitley and Anne Strieber, 1998

Page 114-115


"She then remembered her breath being knocked out of her and being pulled through the windshield of the car..."They kept saying "Welcome, welcome!" in my mind, and laughing.  They then told me some strange things about human origins...

Once reassured that her daughter would be fine....She was told that they were in some way sorry about her daughter, but they did not say why....she soon began having difficulty sleeping and became ill. "My hair began to fall out and my mouth started bleeding, and I was exhausted."

Her daughter was suffering, too, and one night woke up screaming.  When her mother clamed her, "she said very factually, 'Mommy, I'm going to die.  The spaceship people told me so...there was nothing they could do since I'm a little girl'."

She then began to display symptoms as well: high fever and swollen joints.  She was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, but there was also concern  that she had been exposed to radiation.  They returned to their home in Texas, where "she was diagnosed with a very rare cancer of the nervous system, neuroblastoma, and it had metastasized, and she had just a few months to live.....She thought at that point[*] that she'd gone completely insane."

[* It seems as if who ever did this to her and her daughter, had, after the child's funeral, tormented a friend with a vision of the child in order to suggest that the child was alright and was with them.  I assume that they showed the friend and not the mother because the mother would have known that this was a projection and not the real deal.]

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